Monday, March 24, 2008

Bite the Power!

I think I should add a huge clock around her neck "Yeeeeaaaaah boooooyeeeeeee!"

Don't mess with Pink!

I drew this after not having drawn Pink in a while. I shifted her costume a bit and am not too happy with the results. The darker pink, stubby nose doesn't work for me.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

More Junk Mail?!?!

Pink hates junk mail. And postcards. And letters. And bills. And PennySavers. And summons. And pretty much everything else that arrives in the mailbox...

...and the mailbox.

a quick sketch with some color thrown on it)

Pink Poodle Comics

Here's a made up cover for a made up comic. One can only imagine the literary genius contained therein. BTW - who IS Stinkarella?!?!

Pink Poodle Redux Deux

Ahh, the element of surprise.

Pink Poodle Redux


Black Coat Ad

Did this for the guys at Black Coat to show them some support!

Chasin' Tail

The Pink Poodle Strikes Back

My original drawings of the Pink Poodle were just superhero studies of a gal in a Poodle costume. Later I began to envision her as a "Wile E. Coyote" archetype, always trying to catch that darned mailman (who follows the simple, innocent "Road Runner" archetype.) The mailman's look was inspired by the little guy in the Pink Panther cartoons (as I was thinking pink and all.)

Pink, a lady dressed as a dog, in perpetual pursuit of the mailman. Funny, no?

Curse of the Pink Poodle

The doggy door is just too darn small!

Pink Poodle Preliminary

Here's my first Pink Poodle design.